4 Friends See Woman Having Stroke During Weekly Zoom Call, Save Her With ‘Divine Intervention’

by Amy P
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Dorothy Farris, 69, was on a Zoom video call with four of her girlfriends. It’s become a weekly tradition for the group of women during the pandemic … a way to connect, laugh, and share with each other during such stressful times.

The ladies were deep in conversation, chatting and joking about how each of the women met their respective husbands.

When it came time for Dorothy to share her story, the Zoom call took a troubling turn.

“Dorothy, OK your turn. How did you meet Bill?” they asked her.

But Dorothy didn’t answer. And within seconds, the group of girlfriends noticed she was beginning to slur her words. Then, Dorothy slumped over the keyboard and fell limp.

The women were in the midst of watching their good friend suffer a stroke via Zoom.

Every second she went without blood flow to her brain was detrimental to her health and survival.

But luckily for Dorothy, her friends were right there — virtually speaking — and they knew exactly what to do.

Watch the video below to see why Dorothy’s amazing group of friends are now calling this an act of divine intervention.

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