Mom Is Reduced To Tears After Complete Stranger’s Heart Saves Her ‘Miracle’ Baby’s Life

by Jess Butler
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Victoria Zomora’s daughter, Zoey, had been struggling in the hospital ever since the day she was born. The premature infant developed a heart defect that made every day unpredictable.

In the video below, Victoria explains, “It’s so sad in your heart, seeing a baby very sick.”

There were days when Victoria felt like her baby girl wouldn’t survive. She truly thought it was Zoey’s time when doctors were forced to perform CPR on her for 25 minutes straight — just to keep her alive.

Then, a heartbreaking loss for one family changed Zoey and Victoria’s lives forever.

Another infant had passed away, adding a heart to the hospital’s donation list. Luckily for little Zoey, that baby’s heart was going right to her. The 4-month-old had the heart transplant she so desperately needed and her health quickly began improving.

Victoria says, “After the operation, her skin color was just pink and beautiful.”

Although the proud mom is overjoyed by the successful surgery, she will never forget that one family’s sacrifice — which ended up saving her daughter.

Below, Victoria cries, “I pray for them every day,” adding, “Thinking about the other family, what the pain could be, you know? Losing a baby.”

Through all of the uncertainty and heartache, Victoria is so thankful for her “miracle child.”

Check out the video below to see how Zoey is doing now, and please SHARE if you’re glad the heart of the infant who passed went on to help this baby girl survive!

Footage and photos provided courtesy of KGTV San Diego

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