Zac Efron Was Spotted With Platinum Blond Hair And Twitter Has A Lot Of Feelings About It

by Angela Andaloro

Zac Efron‘s fans are pretty attached to him. And it makes sense — many fans his age and younger feel like they’ve grown up with the star.

From his High School Musical days to his funnier, more adult roles in movies like Neighbors and Dirty Grandpa, Zac has continued serving laid-back, sexy vibes that draw serious allegiance from his fandom. So when pretty much any news breaks about the 31-year-old actor, fans often have strong feelings about it.

The latest Efron Update has Twitter completely shook. It appears that the dark-haired actor decided to leave his brunette days behind him and switched up his do with a drastic makeover.

In a recent Instagram photo, a tuft of platinum blond hair is seen peeking out from underneath a beanie Zac is wearing while rock climbing.

There’s a lot to take in. The arms are muscular. The calves and thighs are ridiculous. Still, the shockingly light hair is what has the Twitterverse talking, and they have quite a lot to say about it.

Zac Efron’s hair has been through a lot of changes. Who can forget the classic mop top he introduced to the world in the High School Musical movies?

Then there’s his usual dark-haired look. He has mostly kept to simple, clean cuts that make him look a little older and more sophisticated as he has stepped away from his Disney days.

He’s shown us some lighter looks before, too. He added some blond highlights while filming Baywatch and promoting Neighbors 2.

Then there was more blond in late 2017. He did keep his roots dark, however.

Then there was this. We’re usually on board with whatever Zac’s doing, but this look… was certainly a choice.

Luckily, it was just for his role in The Beach Bum. That film comes out later this year.

As of a few days ago, all was (relatively) right with the world. Zac posted a picture of himself surfing with some friends, dark hair intact.

Then came the internet-breaking photo where we get a glimpse of Zac’s new platinum blond look. Is it his whole head? Is it another everything-but-roots dye job? Is it for a role? We have so many questions!

Of course, Twitter did its thing and found further evidence. It appears Zac has actually gone full-on platinum blond.

Reactions to Zac’s hair have been mixed. Some think it’s a good look for him.

Then there are those fans who are willing to live and die by Zac and his hair. It’s safe to say they’re with it.

But the color isn’t for everyone.

Still, plenty of people think Zac can pull it off.

One Zac Efron-loving teacher and her class were not sold on the idea. They wrote Zac a letter expressing their appreciation and nicely asking for him to go back to his dark locks. It’s pretty hilarious.

Platinum blond hair does seem to be on-trend for male celebrities. Whether Zac’s gone blond for a role or he just wanted a change, it’s definitely something that can grow on us.

After all, there’s so much to look at with him that you don’t even have to focus on the hair if you don’t want to.