Young Mom Home Alone With Infant Son Is Shot By Intruders And Instantly Makes Them Regret It

by Amy Paige
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Back in November 2015, Semantha Bunce was a 21-year-old mother. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, Paul, and their two kids.

She may be tiny in stature, but her bravery is larger than life.

Not only is Semantha a National Guard combat medic, but she recently endured an unthinkable nightmare.

Semantha was home alone, feeding her infant son, when intruders kicked down her door. That’s when the terrifying gunfire began, and she knew that she needed to act fast.

The young mother was shot twice, all the while fighting for her life and the life of her 4-month-old son, Bentley.

What happened next is nothing short of incredible, and it proves mothers will do whatever it takes to protect their children.

Read on to find out what happened when this young mom decided to fight back.

Semantha Bunce is a young mother who lives in North Carolina with her husband, Paul, and their two young children.

She’s also a National Guard combat medic, serving in the HHC 105th Engineer Battalion of Raeford, North Carolina.

One fateful day in November 2015, Semantha was home alone with her 4-month-old son Bentley.

Paul was at work and their daughter was at school.

The mother was breastfeeding Bentley when she heard gun-wielding intruders kicking down her front door.

But the brave Semantha sprung into action and knew exactly what to do.

She ran her baby up to her bedroom and quickly grabbed Paul’s legally owned gun.

As the intruders started shooting at Semantha in the stairwell, she fired back through the bedroom door.

Semantha exchanged gunfire with her attackers and ultimately scared them off, sending them fleeing from her home.

However, she was shot twice and seriously wounded in the process.


Semantha was rushed to the hospital and soon went into recovery.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page was set up to help the Bunce family.

Over $60,000 in financial support has since flooded in from strangers all over the country.

When Semantha was able and ready, she spoke out about her horrific survival story with the press.

“To know that I know somebody that is that strong-willed and that much of a fighter is unbelievable,” her friend Hollie said.

The wounded mom was hailed a real-life superhero on news outlets across the country.

“She is an amazing person, mother, wife, friend and soldier. Would do anything for anyone and would quite literally give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it,” her friend wrote on GoFundMe.

Reco Latur Dawkins Jr., 23, turned himself in to authorities and faced charges of attempted murder and felony breaking and entering.

Miraculously, baby Bentley went completely unharmed — thanks to his incredibly brave and quick-thinking hero of a mother.

It’s unbelievable the lengths a mother will go to in order to protect her children.

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