Step Into The Mind Of Spiritual College Student ”Monica The Medium”

by Caroline Bayard
This writer is a New Yorker with wanderlust. She loves good food, music, the beach, and storytelling.

As if going through the trials and tribulations of being a young adult away at college wasn’t enough, Penn State University senior Monica Ten-Kate is balancing a career that she claims has her on the job 24/7.

In the following interview from ABC News, Ten-Kate explains how she believes she is different from other students her age. Instead of focusing on things like her grades or dating, Monica says she’s bombarded by thoughts from other people…dead people, to be exact. Ten-Kate is the star of the new ABC Family reality show Monica the Medium, which takes a look at her life as a young person who gets channeled by spirits, much like you can see happen in this video.

Although ABC Family is boasting the series as a new kind of reality show, the truth is there’s not much new about it. In the late 90’s, John Edward took the world by storm on Crossing Over. Next, Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo was hailed Queen of the Dead. Now, it’s this 21-year-old’s turn to prove to the world that psychic mediums aren’t just nonsense.

While I believe a lot of it can be found out by simply reading a person’s body language and asking the right questions, there’s no denying that hearing something true about yourself from a complete stranger can be terrifying, even if it’s the exact thing you need to make peace.

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