Young Couple Buys Plain Black Van, Then Totally Transforms Interior Into Gorgeous Tiny Camper

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is a writer on the Original Content team. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

When most of us think about traveling across the country, we imagine flying on an airplane.

Even for people who love driving, there’s no denying that taking a flight is much faster and more convenient than spending days (or weeks) stuck in a car.

That said, if you’re a lover of road trips, spending days in a car probably sounds pretty amazing, especially if your car is decked out with a bed, a full kitchen, and your loving pup.

A young couple decided that traveling the country by car was a dream of theirs, so they bought a brand new van with a plan to transform it into a miniature RV camper.

The young married couple spent a ton of time perfecting their van — and now it looks absolutely incredible.

Not only is it a perfect way to travel and camp in leisure, it’s also the perfect solution for having their dog, Mango, come along with them on all their trips!

original van

The couple shared the makeover process on Imgur, where they explained that the original van was a 2016 Nissan NV2500 SL High Roof.

They wrote:

Waited nearly 5 months for the factory order as the blue color was hard to get. Got one of the first 2016 models which came off the assembly line in October 2015.

van transformation

It took them over a year to complete the project (since they were both working full-time jobs), but when it was finished, it looked absolutely stunning.

Inside, they went with a bright teal color, which really makes the space feel bigger.

mango van

They used faux-wood flooring to give the van a polished look.

They also installed recessed lighting in the ceiling, which adds both light and a modern design to the van.

inside van

The van has a full kitchen, which features a three-burner stove, a small oven, a sink, and a mini fridge.

There is also ample storage for all the food they want to keep with them during their travels.

van fridge

Underneath the stove is a 13-gallon fresh water tank, which is essential for having clean drinking water.

Inside one of the kitchen cabinets, the couple has hidden their electrical equipment.

van bed

The couple explained how the bed works, writing:

We are sleeping lengthwise. The open area by the stove fills in at night.

We got a platform that goes across and a foam block will go on top… The bed is 5’11” on my side and 5’8″ on my wife’s.

back of van

Surrounding the bed is more storage — the entire area beneath the bed can be accessed from the back of the van.

There’s additional storage above the bed, which can be accessed from both the cabin and the back.

van mango

Mango definitely seems to approve of the van!

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