Dad Says ‘Hello’ To 12-Week-Old Baby And Is In Complete Disbelief When He Says It Back

by Morgan Greenwald
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A baby’s first words are always a momentous occasion, but no parent ever expects that moment to occur when their child is just 12 weeks.

When Tom and Laura Webster were lying in bed with their 3-month-old son, Jenson, the last thing they anticipated was to hear their baby’s first words — but they were in for the surprise of a lifetime.

As Tom repeated the word “hello” aloud to his young son, the jubilant baby giggled and mumbled, until eventually he said hello back to his dad.

“It was an amazing moment,” Tom told the Daily Mail. “We couldn’t believe what we were hearing.”

The proud parents constantly talk to Jenson in a normal voice instead of in baby talk, hoping that he will copy their words. Clearly their hard work has already started to pay off!

“It was the first time he had said something with two syllables,” said Laura. “It was a moment to treasure, and I was delighted I got it on film.”

Babies don’t typically say their first words until they’re at least 12 months, so Jenson’s greeting is quite the accomplishment. And, according to WebMD, most babies are only saying basic words like “Mama” and “Dadda” at 12 months — not words like “hello”!

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[H/T: Daily Mail]

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