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Dog Gets Separated From Skier And Spends Hours Stranded On Cliff Before 2 Strangers Rescue Him

by Kat Manos
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Brandon Fox thought he would spend the weekend in Berthound Pass, Colorado, skiing and enjoying the slopes.

He never expected it to end with a rescue team.

Brandon brought his little dog named Yoshi, a Shiba Inu, along with him on the skiing trip, but things took a turn when Brandon and Yoshi became separated on a huge cliff.

Yoshi ended up more than a hundred feet below, still hanging onto the edge of the cliffside with Brandon standing at the top, helpless.

“The worst part is — the whole time he’s above the bottom of the cliff section, about 120 feet, just staring at us.

We’re looking at him like, ‘We can’t get you man. I’m sorry,'” Brandon explained.

Yoshi got separated from Brandon on Saturday night, and a rescue team tried for three hours to reach the pup from various angles.

Soon, experts in the area warned against keeping the rescue teams out there on the rocky area that’s prone to avalanches, so it wasn’t until Sunday morning that another rescue attempt was made.

And this time, help came from two strangers who happened upon the scene. They were “experienced technical climbers” who offered to help out.

Brandon couldn’t believe their luck to come across such helpful people, saying, “They came out of nowhere. They barely even took a minute. They looked at the face. They calculated a few routes in their mind, and they said, ‘OK, we’re going to get our stuff.’ They didn’t even think twice.”

The two climbers rescued Yoshi, who had managed to make a little cave of snow to survive. Brandon and Yoshi were certainly quite grateful.

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Photos: CBS Local – KCNC Denver

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