Make A Stunning Lamp Shade Using Only Yarn And A Beach Ball

by Emerald Pellot
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I had no idea that with a little yarn and a little glue, you could make something this beautiful!

Dana, from Made Everyday, teaches us how to make gorgeous decorative yarn balls that can easily be converted into lamp shades.

The lamp shades look like they’re right out of a catalogue. In the vibrant color of your choosing these will look great in any room.

Try bright pinks, blues, and yellows for the kids’ rooms or something white, gray, green, or more neutral for the more “grownup” areas.

Some commenters were concerned that, if used as a lampshade, this could be a fire hazard. Dana assures that with an LED light, these cool lamps are absolutely safe.

I love DIY projects that takes simple household items and transforms them into things I had never imagined.

This lamp made of wooden disks is anything but typical, though it’s made of typical items. It’s moving pieces turn the lamp into a regular game of Jenga!


  • Cotton Yarn
  • Basic school glue or Mod Podge
  • Large beach or bouncy ball
  • Hanging light fixture (optional)
  • Led light bulb (optional)
  • Clamp connecter (optional)
  • Washer (optional)

See how to make this yarn globe and lamp below. SHARE if you totally want to try this!

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