WWII Veteran Is Summoned To Front Of Plane, Then Everyone Looks On As Pilot Salutes Him

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

Only a handful of WWII veterans remain, but that doesn’t mean that any of us have forgotten their sacrifices.

In fact, we’ve seen many young people salute their forebears, like the teenager who records their stories for history.

The latest examples comes to us from Alaska Airlines, a company with a record of supporting the troops.

Their most recent accolade was reserved for a veteran identified as Captain Woolston, one of the survivors of the sinking of U.S.S. Indianapolis.

Video of the powerful moment was captured by fellow passenger Glenn M. Forrest III, who writes on YouTube:

Amongst all the chaos and negativity in the airline industry stands a giant, that giant being Alaska Airlines.

I was lucky to be witness to an impromptu salute to Captain Woolston, 1 of 371 heroes to survive the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in 1945, in what became the greatest single loss of life at sea in the history of the U.S. Navy.

Captain Brad Schumaker and Alaska Airlines took the time to recognize and thank Captain Woolston for his service and the sacrifice he made for our nation.

Not only was the recognition given in front of every passenger on the plane, they provided him with a first class seat. What a class act.

As a veteran and citizen of this fine country, I’m in awe of Alaska Airlines and what they did to go beyond and fly higher than all the rest. Bravo Zulu Alaska!

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Video Credit: Glenn M. Forrest III

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