Woman Finds 21 WWII Love Letters In Her Family Home And Is Determined To Track Down Their Author

by Kate Taylor
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The days when people sent each other love letters from across the world are long gone thanks to a little invention called the internet. However, that just makes finding a real love letter all the more exciting.

What’s even more fun than finding one old love letter? Finding 21 love letters.

California resident Hollie Hannan first remembers finding a stack of letters as a child in a trunk that belonged to her grandma. Hollie says, “I wanted to read them, but she wouldn’t let me.”

Hollie’s grandma didn’t read them either. They were addressed to Hollie’s great-uncle, Claude, who was a medic in the US Army during World War II.

Hollie rediscovered the letters when she was going through old family photos after the passing of her own father. Finally, Hollie decided to do what she had always wanted — read them.

The letters were addressed to Claude from a Miss Iris Wood. Hollie quickly learned she was Claude’s girlfriend. The messages were dated between August 29 and October 22, 1946.

The letters were filled with plenty of affectionate words, and the last one even suggested that Iris was expecting to reunite with Claude in the next week. Sadly, Claude died in a car crash about a year after that last one was sent.

That’s where Miss Iris Wood’s paper trail ends. Hollie is still determined to find Iris’ family, even though there isn’t a lot of information and most people who could help have probably passed.

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