11 Of The Worst Mother’s Day Gifts Ever Given

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Mother’s Day is here once again, and you know what that means…

A lot of moms are going to be getting some really terrible gifts on Sunday morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a lovely holiday and that moms everywhere absolutely do deserve it. But that doesn’t delude me into thinking every mom is completely satisfied on Mother’s Day.

Young kids come home from school with gifts that moms, in their heart of hearts, really do appreciate, but what is a mom really supposed to do with a big old lump of clay that’s supposedly a dog but looks more like a rock?

Older kids maybe too busy being self-involved or hormonal to think about giving good gifts.

And other times, it’s Dad who drops the ball.

If you’ve ever had a bad Mother’s Day, you may take comfort in knowing that you’re certainly not the only one. These 11 not-so-great Mother’s Day gifts, as shared by Reddit users, prove it.

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[H/T: Reddit]

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“My husband gave his mother a toilet plunger. Which is weird because he is excellent at giving gifts to me! I now shop for all gifts on his side of the family.”

– Potatonitelight



“Gave my mom a paper–mache pencil-holder in kindergarten. It was a blob of newspaper. I made the holes for the pencils by stabbing it repeatedly with a pencil. When the blob dried, all the holes shrunk so no pencils would actually fit.

“She still has it over three decades later.” – Dahaole



“I had made a yellow mug with a smile face on it in art class (yellow is her favorite color and I wasn’t terribly creative in the clay portion of art).

“I accidentally made my mother a demonic yellow mug. It even scared me.

“We agreed to just keep it in the back of the cabinet, where the thought was appreciated, but no one had to see the thing.” – spryte333



“I gave my mother fake chocolates once.

“Every Mother’s Day, we had to make a craft in class and for some reason my teacher had the genius idea to make fake chocolates. She provided some old, empty chocolate boxes and we had to make ‘chocolate’ out of clay, paint them brown and put them in the box.

“So my mom thought they were actual chocolates until she opened the box. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look more disappointed.” – trowaway8293234



“I got a half-dead-looking, clearance, annual potted plant. My husband took off in the morning with our kid to do man things and clearly discovered that it was Mother’s Day while they were there and brought me home that gem.

“I pretended I loved it, planted it with loving care in a nice ceramic pot and watched it slowly die despite my efforts to keep it alive.” – incognito_mama


mom in law
Grace Eire

“I gave my mother a card one year that said mother-in-law all over it.

“Pretty sure that’s the worst thing she’s ever gotten. I still get made fun of for it about 10 years later.” – Hoarfrost6



“One year I insisted on getting my mom a mug that says ‘It’s a girl!’ on it. I was like 5, and I figured she is a girl. It’s actually for a baby shower/gender reveal type thing.

“She’s still got it 15 years later though.” – Azazelsheep



“Worst Mother’s Day gift was a jar full of bugs and a dead mouse. Still pretended to like it and we gave it a proper burial.” – Teaboo_mom



“A lint roller. Enough said!” – Theawesomeone22


toaster over

“A toaster oven, just this morning.

“So I can make the wonderful breakfasts that my husband and kids deserve! Hallelujah!” – my_final_answer



“When our kid was about 2 or 3, my husband’s gift was a trip to the park. To pick up garbage. Because: Mother Nature. That was it. No card, no gift, no flowers.

“He still sucks at gift-giving but our offspring is old enough to vet the worst of his ideas.” – Ziggybaby

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