Researchers Have Discovered The World’s Oldest Intact Shipwreck Off The Coast Of Bulgaria

by Angela Andaloro

Researchers from the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project have made a remarkable discovery at the bottom of the Black Sea: an ancient shipwreck.

They have found what they believe to be a Greek merchant ship dating back over 2,400 years, and it’s intact.

The mast and prow of the ship remain visible and well-preserved. The researchers used carbon dating to determine the age of the ship, which has been preserved by the oxygen-free water found at the bottom of the Black Sea, over a mile underwater. Although the area is known for war and unrest in more recent history, it was once a bustling trade route.

While the discovery of this shipwreck is certainly significant, it’s just one of many made by the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project during its work in the Black Sea over the past three years. In fact, dozens of ships have been recovered, many of which are thought to have been operated by Romans. The discovery of these ships, which we know about only from works of art and historical documentation, gives us an incredible insight into what shipbuilding and seafaring were like thousands of years ago.

“We’re talking entirely preserved ships from keel to gunnel,” archaeologist Dr. Dragomir Garbov told Inside Edition. “We’re talking about still preserved ropes, shipwrecks that literally look as if they had sunk yesterday.” Get a glimpse of the sunken vessel in the video below!

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