Mom Makes Sons Drop Out Of School, Then Takes Them To Live In Foreign Countries

by Emerald Pellot
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Once Paul and Caroline King realized their 6 and 4-year-old sons didn’t like school, they came up with a solution: don’t go.

They sold their home and belongings, then took their two boys, Winston and Henry, to travel around the world. They believe their sons are more advanced than other children. When the mother was looking for schools for Winston, her oldest, she realized there was no good place for him.

“We’ll never force the boys to go to school or take an exam. We don’t raise our voices to the boys, so why should a teacher be allowed to?” Paul said.

The children have visited Malaysia, the United States, Romania, Dubai, Egypyt, Spain, Indonesia, Boreno and Thailand to name a few.

Paul runs his business from his computer so he can work from anywhere. They spend anywhere from weeks to months living in each place.

“Why read about history and cultures in a book when you can ­experience them first-hand?” Paul added.

The Kings believe in attachment parenting. Caroline breastfed her son Winston until he was 4, and still feeds Henry sometimes. The couple also co-sleeps with their children.

“We didn’t think it was ethical for our children to be forced to go to school when they didn’t want to or were forced to learn things they didn’t want to,” Caroline said.

Caroline said when she was in school she would fall asleep at her desk, but now seeing the places that they only spoke of in history class, has made her far more interested in learning. Paul and Caroline provide learning projects to the kids for each country they visit.

If the boys decide they want to go to school, the couple won’t stop them, but they’re not going to make them go either. What do you think of this unique approach to education? Let us know in the comments!

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