Man Turns Dozens Of Wooden Pallets Into A Tiny Cabin That Looks Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

by Morgan Greenwald
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It’s always incredible to see what an artist can do with the simplest, most unexpected of materials.

From crumpled paper to sand dollars, there is nothing a creative mind can’t transform into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

French artist Patrick Paul’s medium of choice is wood, and he brilliantly transforms old wooden pallets into quirky wood cabins.

According to his Facebook, Patrick specializes in making things out of wood, notably furniture and decorative objects. On his page, L’Home des Bois, the artist shares photos of his wooden structures, which are often found on display throughout France.

With flower beds lining the walls and diamond windows letting light inside, Patrick’s pallet cabins look like they came straight out of a fairy tale!

Patrick’s work doesn’t stop with the exterior of the pallet cabins, though. The woodworking artist goes so far as to create furniture for his mini houses, which are made entirely out of wooden pallets as well!

One of Patrick’s wooden cabins was recently on display for onlookers to admire, and it is one of his most remarkable pieces to date.

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Artist Patrick Paul of L’Home des Bois created this quirky cabin for the “Funny Cabins” exhibition displayed in Parc de Champagne, in Reims, France.

The cabin is made out of pallets: wood planks that are often used to build storage structures and ship cargo.

Paul’s one-of-a-kind cabin was built without blueprints of any kind. Talk about skill!

Paul creatively incorporated pallets of different shades to create a unique exterior on his cabin.

On the top of the cabin by the roof, there is even a small birdhouse. It’s a mini house on a mini house!

Paul even decorated the inside of his cabin with everything from a lamp to chains — all made out of pallets as well!

The diamond windows on the door allow beautiful slivers of light to shine through into the interior of the house!

Patrick Paul specializes in creating wooden furniture, so it’s no surprise that his pallet cabin turned out so beautifully!

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