Learn How To Make The Perfect Gift: DIY Personalized Wooden Spoons

by Kate Taylor
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Whether or not you have a housewarming party to attend and are in need of a gift idea, you are guaranteed to love these customized burned wooden spoons that you can make at home.

Artist and craft expert Kristin St. Clair breaks down how to make this personalized craft. While the end product may look professionally crafted, don’t let that fool you — it can all be easily done at home!

A few of Kristin’s top tips: It is very important to make sure that the name template you use is printed backward so the traced version will be the right way around. This will save you a lot of grief while making sure that your spoon doesn’t go to waste.

Also, be sure to pick a simple font so that it can be easily traced onto the spoon and then etched with the woodburning tool. Keeping it simple not only makes the final product look crisper and cleaner, it also leaves less room for error when using this tool.

Even the hostess who has everything would love a personalized spoon featuring his or her hand-burned name, so what are you waiting for? Track down a woodburning tool (they’re incredibly inexpensive to buy online) and get to work!

Watch the video below in which Kristin breaks down exactly how to do this craft, and then let us know in the comments if you’d want to try this.

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