Researchers Are Developing A New Birth Control For Men, And Women Are Actually Furious About It

by Kim Wong-Shing
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A new, noninvasive birth control for men is currently in a test study, and women are pissed.

The National Institutes of Health is funding the study, which investigates a male birth control option that consists of a simple topical gel.

Men have to rub the gel on their back and shoulders daily. That’s it. I… are you kidding me?!

Don’t get me wrong — it’s wonderful that researchers are coming up with more birth control options for men. But in comparison to female birth control, this option is just so easy. While birth control for women generally involves pills, needles, and invasive procedures, men get a product that basically amounts to sunscreen for their testes.

The study is just getting started, so the results aren’t in yet.

But if this birth control does work? It better be in every man’s cabinet everywhere.

Because with a product this simple, there is literally no excuse.

The National Institutes of Health just funded a study for a new male birth control, ABC News reports.

At the moment, men basically have two ways to prevent pregnancy — condoms or a vasectomy — so more male birth control options are waaay overdue.

“A safe, highly effective and reversible method of male contraception would fill an important public health need,” study investigator Diana Blithe, PhD, said in a press release.

Nonetheless, women are pretty annoyed at the news.

Because this new contraceptive is unbelievably easy to use. It’s just a regular ol’ gel, and all men have to do is rub it on their back and shoulders daily.

Could it really be this simple? While women have been sticking needles in their arms and inserting copper T’s into their uteruses for ALL THESE YEARS?!


Participants in the study’s trial will use the gel daily for up to 16 weeks. After their sperm levels have adequately declined, they’ll be asked to use the gel as their sole method of pregnancy prevention for an entire year.

Once the year is up, doctors will continue to monitor them for six months to ensure that their fertility bounces back after quitting the gel.

In other words, it’ll be some time before we know whether this product works as intended. But if it does?! Whoo boy. Women might just stage a rebellion, because this shot/pill/implant/IUD life is not awesome.

The topical gel is called NES/T, and it consists of Nestorone, which is also regularly used in contraceptives for women.

In men, Nestorone lowers sperm count and causes testosterone levels to drop. NES/T has testosterone in it, too, so users can avoid annoying side effects like weight gain or a lower libido.

You know, the exact side effects that most female contraceptives involve.

In response to the news, women are having some very understandable reactions on social media.


They want to know why men get to avoid the side effects that women have been tolerating for decades.

In fact, some women pointed out that this product might STILL not be “easy” enough for men to actually be willing to use.

Because this isn’t the first male birth control that’s been under study.

Also, several people pointed out a great pun, which I would be remiss not to include!

And at least SOME men were way into the idea.

As one ob-gyn, Jennifer Ashton, put it: “Any time we can potentially offer couples more options for contraception is a small victory in reproductive health.”

Sure, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be bitter.