Mom’s Ex-Boyfriend Lets Strangers Take Her Belongings After Posting ‘Free For All’ Craigslist Ad

by Emerald Pellot
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Mary Hilleary broke up with her boyfriend Jerry Prado. The two had moved together from Texas to Colorado. Mary said the split was due to Jerry’s drinking.

The pair decided to remain roommates even after ending their romance.

“When he gets inebriated, he gets very violent, but we stayed together as roommates because I signed a two-year lease,” Mary told KMGH.

Mary found a new job in Texas, and moved there when the lease expired. She believes Jerry got angry and decided to retaliate. She admits she waited until the last minute to tell him because she feared he would do something spiteful.

“I was afraid he would do something to my dogs,” she said. “In the past, when I wasn’t home, he’d put them in a box out in the snow.”

Mary leased a moving container from PODS, which stored her furniture, photos, jewelry, and clothing. But the moving company wasn’t able to deliver the storage unit until after she had already moved.

“[Jerry] texted me and said, ‘I got the lock, give me your address and I’ll send you the key,’” she said. “Two hours later, everything changed. He started to tell me to ‘get your pod out of here.’ I told him they were coming to pick it up Tuesday. He started calling me horrible names.”

Soon after, Jerry placed an ad on Craigslist telling strangers there were free items in the container. He then took photos of people ransacking Mary’s belongings.

“I didn’t believe him at first,” Mary said. “I thought he was bluffing, so I asked him to send me pictures.”

All of her items, including family heirlooms, are now gone. Mary’s daughter started a GoFundMe to raise money to give her a fresh start. In the meantime, Mary is hoping people will return her possessions.

“Thank you ahead of time,” she said. “I will post something on Craigslist to let people know where they can take the items.”

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