Nervous Pregnant Woman Breaks World Record For Singing Lowest Note After Weeks Of Practice

by Amy P
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Helen Leahey, a 31-year-old woman from Wales, has always loved her deep, booming voice — despite the fact people often mistake her for a man and/or someone much, much older.

Helen began her career in the arts by taking on acting roles that required a sense of “authority,” since her particularly low voice wasn’t considered “feminine enough.”

Over time, however, she realized she could use her extraordinary voice to her advantage. She has been a professional singer for the past five years and even appeared on the German version of The Voice.

One day, Helen found herself reminiscing about her fascination with the Guinness World Records books as a little girl.

She’d flip through the pages and imagine her name somewhere inside.

That’s when she realized she had a real chance at breaking the world record for hitting the lowest note ever.

Determined to break the record and get her name in the Guinness World Records, she spent weeks practicing strict vocal exercises to prepare for her big attempt.

But Helen, who is currently eight months pregnant with her first child, said hitting those low notes was difficult since there was less space in her lungs. She wasn’t sure if that was because of her growing baby, the hormones, or a combination of both.

In the clip below, Helen finally steps up to the mic at a recording studio in Germany.

After weeks of preparation, the sound technicians eagerly waited to hear if she could actually break the world record.

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