Woman With Giant Baby Bump At 12 Weeks Pregnant Stuns Doctor When It Gets Bigger And Bigger

by June Rivers
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When Lara Carpenter-Beck got pregnant with her first child, she had no idea what to expect. What she did know, however, was that her belly was growing at an abnormal rate.

Lara has type 1 diabetes, which occurs when the body fails to produce insulin. It is not linked to obesity. But because of her diagnosis, she knew she was especially prone to weight gain during pregnancy.

At just 12 weeks, people were already asking Lara when she was due. And her bump just kept on growing bigger from there!

Lara’s baby bump swelled to a massive size, she gained 90 pounds and went up five dress sizes. Two months before her due date, her unborn baby already weighed six pounds — nearly the average weight of a full-term baby!

Her bump grew so large that she feared she’d be crushed by the weight when lying on her back.

At 36 weeks, she couldn’t fit in normal maternity clothes. By this point, her baby bump measured 55 inches in circumference.

In the video below, watch what happened when Lara finally gave birth to her daughter and underwent an unbelievable post-baby transformation.

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