Woman Bares Her Unique Birthmarks With Pride

by Rebecca Landman
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At birth, Yulianna Yussef arrived in this world covered in hundreds of birthmarks.

At first, her condition completely stumped doctors, who worried she might be in serious medical danger.

However, in time, Yussef was eventually diagnosed with congenital melanocytic nevus — benign birthmarks that occur in less that one percent of the worldwide infant population.

While her condition posed no significant medical threat, for years, Yussef suffered her peers’ constant bullying and emotional torture. Kids called her names like “dalmatian” and “cow.” 

“I had a difficult life road before I got used to my body,” Yussef told LittleThings. “When you don’t look ‘normal,’ people can be very rude.”

In time, though, this survivor overcame the incessant negativity surrounding her looks. Now, in her early 20s, she’s come to absolutely adore her body and is doing all she can to help others reach similar levels of self-acceptance.

As a social media star and CMN ambassador, Yussef shares daily body positive messages with her 18,700 (and counting) followers, empowering the masses to find ways to love their own bodies.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how this young lady continues inspiring others to embrace their bodies’ natural beauty.

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When Yulianna Yussef was born, her body was covered head to toe in hundreds of brown birthmarks.

Her abnormal complexion completely shocked family and medical representatives alike — who, for years, feared for her survival.

body positive woman

However, in time, Yussef was diagnosed with congenital melanocytic nevus.

The condition, which manifests itself as benign birthmarks, occurs in less than one percent of the infant population worldwide.

While Yussef’s condition was not immediately jeopardizing her physical health, it did prompt an onslaught of vicious bullying.

body positive woman

Yussef’s peers constantly harrassed her, calling her names like “giraffe,” “dalmatian,” and “cow.”

For years, Yussef told LittleThings, “Of course I knew that I had some skin problems, because I visited a lot of doctors with my mom in different cities.”

However, as she grew older, “It was hard. One summer, I spent [each day] at home, going out only for one to two hours when it was twilight.”

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In time, though, Yussef grew to accept herself and her looks, just the way they were.

She told LittleThings, “Of course, I had some breakdowns. But every time, I got up, dressed up, and showed up.”

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Now, this Warsaw, Poland, resident has taken to social media with her body positive outlook.

She’s become a CMN ambassador and built a fan base of 18,700 followers and counting, who all tune in for her daily doses of empowering motivation.

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Over the years, Yussef told LittleThings that she’s learned, “No matter how great you are, not everybody is going to like you. That’s life.

“I just do what, in my opinion, can be good for people with CMN and for people who have some complexes, and I’m OK with that.

“It’s about being yourself — finding out how to live with that and become more confident.

“People will always look at you, but you’ll never know why,” she thoughtfully pointed out. “Have you ever thought that they’re looking at you because you are beautiful?”

body positive woman

This empowered young woman told LittleThings, “Never be ashamed of who you are!

“You have to accept who you are, [because] if you don’t do it, why should anyone else?”

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As she wrote on Instagram, “If you are able to see, walk, talk, love and every morning get up — you’re fabulously rich, man! Do not forget to be grateful for it.

“I was born different. You were born different. We are all born different. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.”

body positive woman

After braving years of bullying, this strong, confident young woman is baring her birthmarks with pride, encouraging folks all over the world to embrace their own bodies’ uniquely beautiful details.

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