Woman Asks Shelter For Oldest, Most Overlooked Dog And Ends Up Going Home With Two

by Kelly Glass
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Shelter staff shed tears of joy as they sent off two of their oldest residents, Sam and Brutus, to their new forever home.

The two older shelter dogs have medical issues and had been passed over for adoption time after time.

Sam had been living at the shelter for six months. He’d even been previously adopted but returned. Brutus, who was surrendered to be euthanized, had been living at the shelter for five months. Then Leslie Sacks showed up at the Asheville Humane Society in North Carolina.

“These dogs have wisdom, they have love, they’ve been through a lot, and it really tugs at my heart that they are just sitting there being overlooked,” Leslie told Inside Edition.

“We can’t let that happen and we shouldn’t let that happen.”

Leslie and her family had just lost one of their family dogs recently, and her kids weren’t sure they were ready to start preparing for another goodbye. “It was really hard for me to lose the dogs,” said 10-year-old Siena Sacks. “I thought my mom would be strong, but that’s actually the first time I’ve seen her cry before.”

But the family decided they were ready to give love and a home to the older dogs, even if it meant saying goodbye to Sam and Brutus — now named Bella and Bruno – in a few years.

The family hopes to inspire others to take a chance on older shelter dogs with their story.

“You can afford giving the amount of love these animals give you back,” Leslie said. “Go out there and adopt a dog today. You can do it.”

Watch the video to see the heartwarming adoption.

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