Woman Who’s Unhappy With Her Appearance Undergoes 9 Surgeries To Look Like Ivanka Trump

by Amy Paige
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Sarah Schmidt is a 34-year-old technology analyst from Texas who, up until recently, had one very specific dream: to look like Ivanka Trump.

Sarah wanted plastic surgery for years, but after seeing herself in what she thought was an unflattering bikini photo, she was more determined than ever to transform into her beauty icon.

“I think she is beautiful.” Sarah told Inside Edition about Ivanka, the 37-year-old first daughter. “I think she’s very poised, classy. I like the way she carries herself. What’s not to like?”

And so Sarah underwent nine different procedures in an effort to look as much like Ivanka as possible.

She especially wanted to emulate Ivanka’s nose and cheeks and completely transform her chin and stomach.

A cosmetic surgeon named Dr. Franklin Rose took Sarah on as a client and used photos of Ivanka to “map out” the areas on Sarah’s body that needed modifications.

The nine procedures included lip fillers, liposuction, a rhinoplasty, and a Brazilian butt lift, along with hair extensions and a makeover.

Six weeks later, it was time to reveal her brand-new look to her friends and family.

There are critics who don’t think Sarah looks anything like Ivanka… but she says she absolutely loves her transformation.

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