Man Confronts Starbucks Thief, Realizes It’s The Same Woman Who Stole His Halloween Decorations

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

A California homeowner named Michael Klein caught a woman on his home surveillance camera stealing the Halloween decorations right off his front porch.

One month later, Michael spotted the woman outside of his house and decided to follow behind her. The pair winded up in a nearby Starbucks, where Michael caught her stealing a bottled beverage before quickly leaving.

Outside Starbucks, Michael confronted the woman who was surprisingly candid. She admitted to stealing his Halloween decorations, but what she said next left him speechless.

“Her answer was she can’t stop. She can’t help herself. She knows it’s terrible. She has the urge. She stays at home all the time because she knows the urge is there. The second she walks outside, she gets this urge and she cannot stop, she said.”

Other San Diego residents came forward and said they suspect she’s the same woman — who told Michael she’s in her late 60s and has a record for theft — who has been caught in several other surveillance videos stealing packages.

Many believe that those with a compulsivity to steal may feel a rush or a high, similar to the effects of drug abuse. If they try to avoid stealing, severe cravings and urges to steal and/or shoplift may occur.

“She’s worth helping. She’s actually a nice lady, and she’s sick,” Michael told ABC. “She’s sick, there’s no doubt about it.”

Hopefully, Helen gets the help she needs so no one else in her community falls victim to thievery.

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