Woman Arrested For Allegedly Spitting On Woman In Grocery Store Over Social Distancing Dispute

by Amy Paige
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Alexis Danilo was shopping for groceries at an upscale market in Philadelphia when a fellow female shopper bumped into her.

Alexis was uncomfortable with the physical encounter under social distancing guidelines.

She tried to backed away, which only seemed to anger the woman. “I don’t have the disease,” the woman said, still lingering too close for comfort.

“That’s rude, there’s a pandemic going on,” Alexis warned her.

But things quickly took a disturbing turn. The woman threatened to physically fight Alexis, who was wearing a protective mask, glasses, and gloves at the time.

The woman then reportedly removed her own face mask and literally spat on Alexis’ face!

Police arrived at the scene and ended up arresting the woman — and they learned this same suspect had recently done the exact same thing, at the exact same market, but to an employee.

Alexis says she is so grateful for the market employees, who were so quick to help her after the attack.

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