Daughter Moves A Refrigerator To Save Her Father From A Fire

by C.B. Dionne
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Heroics run in World War II veteran Charles Lanzillo’s family. When a fire ravaged the 96-year-old’s apartment, his daughter, Joan Lanzillo-Hahesy, came to the rescue.

Contractors were remodeling Charles Lanzillo’s kitchen when some of the materials they were using caught on fire. Because of their remodel, a refrigerator was temporarily blocking the doorway, which became an insurmountable obstacle in Charles’s escape route. As smoke began to fill his apartment, Charles was trapped inside with no way to get out of the third-floor apartment.

Thankfully, Joan was visiting him at the time the apartment caught fire. Adrenaline took over, and Joan picked up the heavy refrigerator and moved it out of the way.

She then brought her dad out of the apartment.

“She picked it up like it was a two-pound bag of flour,” Charles said with a smile.

“The adrenaline puts you in a certain frame of mind,” said Joan. “My only concern was to get my dad out of there.”

The apartment complex where Charles lives has relocated him to a new apartment while the smoke and fire damage in his apartment is repaired. He is so thankful to his daughter for saving the day.

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