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Woman Refuses To Leave Abandoned Dog On The Street And Makes It Her Mission To Save Him

by Emerald Pellot
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A woman from Bakersfield, California, discovered a starving dog in front of her parent’s house. The dog was all skin and bones when Jan Jerdin found him.

A dog owner herself, Jan knew she couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t do something to help the poor creature. She gave him some food and took him to the SPCA, where he received immediate care.

Staff soon discovered that the animal had a chip, but when they called the name associated with the identification marker, the person said they didn’t have a missing dog.

The SPCA then referred Jan to Kern County Animal Services. They tried to call the person again, though they kept insisting that they did not have a missing dog.

The shelter decided to take in the pooch, whose name is Gomer, and nurse him back to health. Though the progress is slow, it’s clear from the wag of his tail that Gomer is in better spirits than before.

Nick Cullen, the director of Kern County Animal Services, is still trying to find the owner. If an investigation finds that the owner is aware of the dog’s poor health, they could face charges.

“The condition that Gomer is in, it’s serious and somebody who let that animal go like that, that’s a crime. That’s a crime against an animal,” Nick told KERO.

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Footage and photo provided by KERO Bakersfield.

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