Woman Rescues 158 Cats From Streets Of Indonesia And Dedicates Her Life To Taking Care Of Them

by Olivia Jakiel
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If this doesn’t warm your icy cold heart, I honestly don’t know what will!

A 42-year-old woman named Violetta Hasan Noor has dedicated her life to saving animals and lives with nearly 160 injured and abandoned cats she rescued from the streets of Indonesia.

Violetta, a pediatric psychologist, told Caters News, “I want to give these strays and injured cats a second chance of life.” Almost all of the cats she rescues come from the streets of her hometown, and many were either abandoned by their previous owners, beaten or abused, or injured in accidents.

It breaks my heart when I see these wonderful creatures abandoned on roads or left badly injured,” she said. “From completely paralyzed to blinded cats, we take care of all cases.” Violetta says her family has always supported her in whatever type of work she chooses to do, and her husband and a team of veterinarians help her take care of the cats she saves.

“After rescuing a cat, it will be escorted to the clinic for observation by a veterinarian. The cats are then taken to shelter and given proper care,” she said. “There are some cats that need special care. For example, a cat named Isabel was hit by a vehicle and was left paralyzed. Her rear leg was amputated. She is doing well now but she can’t take care of herself like other cats so I give her special attention.” 

Violetta’s neighbors are also very supportive of her life’s dedication to saving these animals. “My neighbors are very happy with the work I do. If they find a cat stranded on the street they will immediately call me for help. They even let my cats play in their homes as well.”

Thanks to donations and the continued support of her community, Violetta has been able to carry out her life’s work.

To see more of Violetta’s Rescue for cats, you can check out her Instagram page.

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