Hero Grandma Literally Takes Shirt Off Her Back To Save A Burning Koala During Raging Wildfire

by Amy Paige
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This year, exceptionally hot temperatures have sparked bushfires across the east coast of Australia.

Homes and businesses have been destroyed, farmland has been ravaged, and people have lost their lives in the process.

The animal kingdom has also been greatly impacted by the fires. According to CBS, dozens of koalas have been injured in Australian fires in one month alone, which will greatly impact the country’s koala population.

In the clip here, a heroic rescuer and brave grandmother named Toni Doherty risks her life to save a helpless koala after she spotted him as she drove by in her car.

With no where else to go, the poor creature had climbed up a tree to take refuge from the smoldering brush as the flames engulfed him.

Toni stopped her car, and as the video shows, literally took the shirt off her back and ran right into the flames to save the crying koala. By the time she pulled him off the tree, yelping and whimpering from the pain, his paws and nose had already suffered bad burns.

After pouring water on him, Toni rushed him to a nearby animal sanctuary, where he is currently in recovery and receiving “five-star service.”

The koala has been named Louis after one of Toni’s seven grandchildren.

See the incredible and selfless rescue in the video below.

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