Woman Whose Reclined Airplane Seat Was Repeatedly Punched By Angry Passenger Explains Story

by Amy Paige
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It’s the reclined seat seen ’round the world.

Wendi Williams was seated toward the back of a plane traveling from New Orleans to Charlotte, North Carolina, when she reclined her seat to relax.

“I was leaving a teacher’s conference and we got onto the plane and the man behind me, as soon as we got in the air, I reclined and he asked me if … I would put my seat back up while he ate, which I did,” she recently told Fox & Friends.

After about 10 minutes, the man had finished his meal, so Wendi reclined her seat again. That’s when things got really awkward.

The unnamed male passenger, who was seated directly behind Wendi in the last row, was so upset about his impeded space that he began angrily poking, prodding, and punching the back of her seat.

The constant seat poking went on for so long that Wendi began recording the now-viral incident on her phone, hoping it would get him to stop. It didn’t.

But it’s the reaction by the flight attendants that really left Wendi stunned. Now she’s speaking about her side of the story, and what she says really happened.

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