Woman At Taco Bell Unleashes Shockingly Racist Tirade Over The Price Of A Few Burritos

by Amy P
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A doctor from Missouri recently took his family out to dinner at their local Taco Bell, never expecting to go home with a viral video that would be seen by thousands.

He pulled out his phone and hit record as a female customer at the counter claimed the staff overcharged her on her order of three burritos and two tacos.

The employees kindly and quietly showed her that they charged her correctly, and that they weren’t responsible for setting the prices of the menu items.

Instead of accepting the charges, the woman launched a verbal and physical attack on the staff — though they remained as calm as humanly possible.

She unleashed horrendously racist insults and other disparaging remarks. At one point, she even claimed to be the daughter of cult leader Charles Manson.

Then she started yanking items off the counter. Thankfully, the police showed up before things took an even more violent turn.

Video credit: Newsflare

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