Man Smooches Girlfriend On Kiss Cam, But Is Floored To See Her Secret Message Pop Up On Screen

by Christian Cotroneo
Christian is a writer living in Toronto, Canada, who shares his home with his dog, Luna.

It seems the bar is constantly being raised for the most creative (or at least wildly over-the-top) marriage proposals.

Remember the guy who used someone’s else’s proposal as a decoy for his own, or the time a newborn baby was used to pop the question?

Well, this proposal is a little more conventional — at least, in the sense that it happened in an arena when the couple was caught on the big screen known as a kiss cam.

Lots of people pop the question on the kiss cam, right? As far as proposals go, it’s almost normal. Except that in this video posted on YouTube, it’s the woman who proposes — in front of thousands of roaring hockey fans.

The couple was at a recent Grand Rapids Griffins hockey game when a few life-changing words flashed on the screen: “Anthony, will you marry me?”

Anthony doesn’t leave her waiting long, offering a resounding “yes” before reaching in to seal the deal with a kiss… and a high five.

Yes, Anthony high-fived his girlfriend after that, a fact that didn’t escape the television commentator’s notice: “Is that a new thing?”

Let’s be honest: It’s all kind of new.

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