Terrified Wife Tries Saving Her Phone While Pool Turns Into A Tsunami During 7.1 Earthquake

by Amy Paige
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Debra Bruegl leaped out of her California swimming pool when she felt the earth begin to shake.

On July 5, 2019, a massive magnitude 7.1 earthquake rattled Southern California.

A combination of quakes, which were felt by millions of people, caused large cracks in the earth’s surface.

Debra felt so unstable on her feet that she could think of nothing else to do but sit down on the pavement. In an instant, she watched in shock and awe as the pool water quickly formed gigantic and unruly waves all around her. She feared the waves were so strong and powerful that they’d suck her right back into the water.

In the now-viral footage below, captured by her security camera set up in the backyard, Debra holds her arm high up in the air in a desperate effort to keep her cellphone safe.

“I was screaming for my husband and all of a sudden the water was coming and I was holding my phone, trying to figure out how to try and text him,” she told Inside Edition.

Debra’s husband heard her panicked screams and ran out back to rescue her.

By this point, giant tsunami-like waves were splashing in every direction. Luckily, he was able to grab her and pull her to safety.

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