Woman Plays Cello For Kennel Full Of Sad, Lonely Dogs, Sees Them Transform In Front Of Her Eyes

by Nicoletta Richardson

There are endless ways we as humans can help out animals in need.

We’ve all heard the horrible stories of man’s best friend being abandoned by his or her owner, but there are many people who go out of their way to give these helpless creatures a second chance at a good life.

Take this stray poodle, for example, who was found by Hope For Paws in awful shape. In a matter of time, she was brought back to health and was transformed into what looked like a brand new dog — all thanks to the kindness of these animal lovers!

As mentioned in this video dating back to December 21, 2016, Natalie Helm was a new resident of Sarasota County, FL, but immediately found a second home at the Humane Society in town. When she wasn’t working as the Principle Cellist for the Sarasota Orchestra in the area, Helm spent her days keeping the animals company at the shelter.

During one of her usual visits, it dawned on Helm that she could use her amazing musical talent to better the lives of these creatures, who had most likely gone through unspeakable experiences.

So she returned with her cello one day and placed a seat in the middle of a row of kennels. As Helm started to play, the music filled the room for all the animals to hear. You won’t believe how they reacted to her wonderful music!

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