Woman Follows Black Man Until He Leaves Her Neighborhood, But Says She Wasn’t Racial Profiling

by Amy Paige
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A woman named Margie was walking her dog through her Denver neighborhood when she was captured on camera following a Black man.

She was trying to get him to give her his name while cursing at him and telling him to leave the neighborhood.

“You’re interrogating me,” the man replies as he attempts to create distance between them.

The video, which was recorded by a female bystander, went viral overnight and caused a heated backlash against the Denver woman named Margie.

The woman who filmed and posted the encounter online says she believes this was yet another case of racial profiling, and that the man was not doing anything suspicious.

“Just let this guy walk down the street,” the camerawoman told Margie.

Margie, however, says the video doesn’t tell the full story — and that she didn’t follow the man because he is Black.

In the clip below she defends and explains her actions, and says she’d do it again.

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