She Poses In Necklace Boyfriend Made. 1 Year Later, She Finds Secret Compartment He Hid From Her

by Christian Cotroneo
Christian is a writer living in Toronto, Canada, who shares his home with his dog, Luna.

To celebrate a year together, Terry made a necklace for his girlfriend Anna.

Flashing some serious woodworking skills, Terry crafted the charm from pine, embedding a delicate spiral shell on its face.

Anna wore the necklace every day.

But there was something about that humble wooden charm. You see, Terry hid a precious secret inside it — in fact, all his hopes and dreams were pressed into that wood.

Anna had no idea he had hidden an engagement ring in there!

A year and a half after giving her the necklace, Terry took Anna on a trip to Smoo Cave in northern Scotland, a natural wonderland that they had always talked about visiting. (“Smoo,” by the way, comes from an ancient Norse word meaning “hiding place.”)

While hiking there, Terry cracked open her necklace — and popped the question.

He captured the whole scene on camera: the kneel, the question, the “yes”… and the kiss.

One thing the camera didn’t quite capture? Anna had a few words for her gallant suitor: “Wait, it’s been in there the entire time? I could have lost it, you f****** idiot!”

Marriage proposals come in all shapes and sizes. Some hopeful suitors take the Disney World approach, while others (like the one that took 365 days to spring) can be a subtle and sweet surprise.

But rarely do we see a proposal quite so … charming.

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