Woman Signs Up For Clinical Trial, Delivers Miracle Baby Thanks To Uterus From Deceased Donor

by Amy Paige
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Jennifer Gobrecht always knew she wanted to be a mother. But at the age of 17, she was shocked and devastated to learn that, for her, conceiving a child would be near impossible.

Jennifer was born with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, a rare genetic defect that resulted in an underdeveloped uterus, which meant she was infertile.

She and her husband always wanted to grow their family, but they knew it might never happen.

There was adoption and/or surrogacy, of course, but before turning to those alternatives, Jennifer learned about “uterus transplantation” — a newer option that allows these women to actually carry and deliver their babies.

Jennifer signed up for a clinical trial, hoping and praying a uterus transplantation held the key for her and her husband to conceive.

In 2018, she underwent her transplant during a lengthy and complex 10-hour procedure — but in a surprising and rare twist, her uterus donor was deceased.

Months later, Jennifer’s frozen embryos were implanted … and the result is a bona fide medical miracle.

H/T: NBC News

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