Single Woman Marries Her Yorkie Terrier After Claiming He’s Better To Her Than Any Man Could Be

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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I’m sure that plenty of us have, on more than one occasion, thought our pet was our soulmate. But have you ever considered actually marrying your beloved pet?

It may sound a little unusual, but one woman has done exactly that.

Wilhelmina Morgan Callaghan is a 43-year-old woman who has been married to her dog, Henry, for eight years now.

Wilhelmina says Henry has stood by her through some of the toughest moments in her life and that their marriage is more or less perfect. And she’s not the only person to have married their pet.

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Wilhelmina and her dog Henry

Meet Wilhelmina. She is 43 years old and has been married to her dog, Henry, for eight years.

Wilhelmina and her dog

Wilhelmina adopted Henry, whose full name is Henry Fredrick Stanley Morgan, in 2009.

Henry is a small Yorkshire terrier, but Wilhelmina loves to pose for pictures with some of her other dogs as well.

Wilhelmina and her dog

Wilhelmina had read a story online about people marrying their pets and thought it sounded like a good idea.

She says, “I saw something on the internet, and I thought it would be wonderful. I’m certainly not the only person to have married a pet. One woman married both her cats and another lady in Australia tied the knot with her snake.”

Wilhelmina and her dog

Wilhelmina says Henry is “great.” He loves to cuddle and watch TV with her. Honestly, he sounds like the perfect husband to me!

Wilhelmina and her dog

Of course, humans and animals can’t legally get married. So Henry and Wilhelmina were married through a website. Wilhelmina’s friend Rebecca was their witness.

They even got a special certificate to honor their union.

Wilhelmina and her dogs

Henry isn’t Wilhelmina’s only pup, either. She has 10 other dogs, and says they are usually all well-behaved, although there can be fights.

Henry is often the peacemaker when those fights break out, which is part of why Wilhelmina loves him so much.

She says, “If a new dog enters the fold, Henry is the first to go over and say hello. There’s no ego, he is just so friendly. He’s not an alpha dog, he’s just kind, friendly, and easy. You know he’s with you for the long haul.”

Alongside being friendly and charming, Wilhelmina says her dog has been there for her through some of her darkest days.

When the recession hit Ireland in 2010, Wilhelmina lost her job. Shortly after, her house was flooded. Henry was there for her through it all.

Wilhelmina now works as a freelance embalmer. She says Henry has “been there for me more than any men ever have been.”

Gregory Peck in the Roman Holiday trailer

Wilhelmina told DailyMail, “Dogs are better than men. In fact, the only man who could possibly match up to Henry is Gregory Peck – and I will be waiting a long time to meet him now in the afterlife. Unlike other marriages, which fall apart, I know I’m with Henry for life. People may think I’m barking mad, but he’s perfect for me.”

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