Woman Thought Wedding Rings Were Lost, Then Garbage Dump Employee Double-Checks The Bag

by Rebekka Spiller
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It’s not just her diamond that’s leaving a sparkle in this Long Island woman’s eye.

After Colleen Dykman noticed her ring finger was feeling a little lighter than normal, she realized that she had tossed her engagement ring and wedding band, worth $10,000 total, into the garbage.

Dykman recalls the painful moment in an interview with CBS2, saying, “I knew in an instant I threw them out, because I knew I had cleaned the night before.”

Her heart lurched in her chest, but when she heard the sound of the garbagemen outside, she grabbed her husband and followed them in hot pursuit towards the town’s dump. They rushed through the main office door, begging the employees at the Babylon Recycling Center to hold off on incinerating and let them search for the wedding rings.

The workers didn’t just let them — they joined them! As the eight workers helped the couple rummage through the filth over the course of four hours, contents of garbage bags spewing everywhere, one of the workers saw a glimmer.

Both rings were found after Kim Weathers, an employee at the center, trusted her gut and double-checked one of the garbage bags.

“So I said, you know ‘I’m going to just double-check,’” Kim tells CBS2, “and I double-checked, and I opened one up — and wow, the ring!”

Colleen couldn’t believe her eyes. She didn’t just learn a lesson in being more careful with her rings, but she also learned a lesson about human kindness.

“I wanted to give up, but they never did,” says a tearful (and grateful) Dyckman. “It’s like my faith in humanity is restored.”

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