Woman Who Hasn’t Cut Her Hair In Decades Gets A Makeover And Looks Completely Different

by Anna Halkidis
Anna is a native New Yorker who loves concerts, travel, good coffee, and her Jack Russell terrier, Charlie. She’s a multimedia journalist who earned her master’s degree from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Her true passion for telling stories keeps her inspired.

As she was gearing up to turn 50, Diane appeared on the Rachael Ray Show to get a special makeover from well-known television personality and stylist Kyan Douglas.

It was a good opportunity to leave behind the nicknames she had been hearing for years (Lady Godiva, Goldilocks, and Rapunzel). And it would be an end to some of her everyday struggles, including getting her hair caught in zippers and car doors.

Her longtime friend, Beth, was also in the audience for moral support. Of course she was just as eager to see the end result since she said she’d been trying to get Diane to chop her locks for 20 years.

“It’s so beautiful, but it’s all anybody sees,” Beth added prior to the haircut. “If  you look, she’s got a beautiful face and all you see is hair.”

Despite Diane’s desire to keep her hair longer than her shoulders, Douglas took matters into his own hands and added a whole bunch of layers.

“You throw in the layers you get all this movement,” Douglas explained. “It gives you a facelift on the spot.”

Wait til you see her new look below — she’s almost unrecognizable with the shorter do (much like the Michigan woman who cut her hair for the first time in 25 years). And her chopped locks didn’t go to waste since she planned to donate them.

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