Woman Wears 2-Piece To Water Park And Is Kicked Out Over ‘Inappropriate’ Appearance

by June Rivers
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In 2013, a fortysomething woman named Madelyn Shaeffer went to the Adventure Oasis Water Park in Missouri with her kids.

It was summer. It was hot outside. Naturally, Madelyn wore a bikini to the park… and she wore it proudly.

But Madelyn says she was approached by the staff members while playing with her kids in one of the pools. That’s when things took a bizarre turn.

The mother, who describes herself as “fully-figured,” was asked to cover up her black and white bikini bottoms with a pair of shorts. But since no one else around her was asked to cover up their swimsuits (not even the teenage girls wearing even skimpier string bikinis) she said no.

After all, she was in the water… why would she put on clothing?!

But what Madelyn never expected to see was a group of police officers coming to take her away…

Watch the video below to see the outfit that got Madelyn escorted from the water park — along with her impassioned response — and please SHARE this with your friends on Facebook.

Footage provided by KSHB Kansas City

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