Nervous Young Man Can’t Get Necktie Knotted, Then Complete Stranger Grabs His Collar To Fix It

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is a writer on the Original Content team. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

For formal events, women typically wear dresses and men traditionally wear suits and ties.

While women have a lot of options when it comes to choosing their style, men are often limited to expressing themselves through their ties.

And for many boys, learning to tie a necktie is a moment of pride — it’s something that makes many children feel like they’ve finally hit manhood.

Unfortunately, tying a tie isn’t as simple as it sometimes feels like it should be.

Many people struggle with tying their ties, and some even rely on friends and family members to help them out with it.

Some young men simply never learn how to knot a necktie, like this young man who was struggling until an older gentleman showed him how to tie it properly.

Recently, a similar scenario unfolded after a nervous, slightly disheveled young man was stopped by a thoughtful stranger who noticed him struggling with his necktie.

Scroll through below to see how the act of kindness unfolded.

helping with tie

A commuter recently took to image-sharing site Imgur to post a photo of a moment that, he says, restored his faith in humanity.

The commuter was a passenger on San Francisco public transport when he noticed a young man nearby struggling with his tie. Before he could move to help, he noticed a self-assured woman walking across the train car to assist.

Instead, the commuter snapped a photo of the kind moment unfolding, and now it’s touching the hearts of people everywhere.


It’s clear that, after putting on his suit, this young man rushed out the door, then hopped on public transportation with his tie still undone.

He probably hoped that he would be able to figure out on his way, but didn’t count on how puzzling those knots can be.

He was struggling, but he doggedly kept trying to figure it out.

bart train

Across the car, a woman noticed him trying to put on his tie, and she knew she could help.

Maybe she had years of experience helping her husband or her brother, but either way, she was ready and able to assist.

She approached the young man and offered to help him tie his tie.

bart outside

He agreed, and she quickly and deftly knotted the tie, completing his formal outfit.

What neither of them noticed, however, was the passenger who quietly snapped a picture of the heartwarming exchange.

imgur comment

Everyone who saw the photo loved it. One person commented on the photo, writing, “This lady rocks!”

Another person added an anecdote about a similar experience, “Someone on the A train on my way to school taught me to tie a tie; 20 years later I still think about that.”

neck tie

Other people totally related to the kid, writing, “I wish someone would do this for me, I have two ties and have utterly failed to tie them myself.”

Another said, “Looks good and can tie a tie… someone is lucky to have her around.”

It’s not clear where the young man was headed, but whether it was a big date or an important job interview, it’s clear that he was nervous, and cared deeply about arriving in the right attire.

We hope that, wherever he was heading, people noticed that he was dressed to impress!

That kind woman may have changed his whole life, just be helping him knot his necktie.

This photo is also a nice reminder that random acts of kindness never go unnoticed, even if you never expect any credit for being a good Samaritan.


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