Fellow Passengers Look On In Disgust As Woman Gives Pedicure To Sleeping Husband On Plane

by Amy Paige
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“Oh my God, you will not believe it! Look at them!”

That’s exactly what Lynee Ruiz shouted to her husband, Jake, on a flight from Denver to Milwaukee.

Jake had no clue what he was about to see when he turned to look behind him.

Much to the horror of Lynee and Jake and their fellow passengers, an unnamed woman gave a pedicure to her travel companion while he slept. There she was, holding his right foot in her lap and filing his toenails.

“Everyone was kind of looking around and felt uncomfortable,” Jake told Inside Edition.

Lynee was so horrified by what she was seeing that she started recording the bizarre scene on her cellphone.

The clip was eventually shared to the popular Passenger Shaming Instagram page.

But the couple’s disgust eventually turned to a lighthearted acceptance, even when the anonymous fliers started exhibiting some other odd behaviors — which consisted of a burrito incident and a few moments where the woman got on her hands and knees and crawled around on the floor.

In fact, Lynee and Jake said it ended up making the flight much more entertaining!

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