Woman Gets Stuck In Children’s Toy Car For 1 Hour Until Dad Cuts Her Free With A Bread Knife

by Amy Paige
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Zoe Archibald, 34, was hanging out with her family when she decided to cram into her 1-year-old cousin’s Little Tikes car.

It started off innocently enough; she was just trying to be funny and make everyone chuckle.

But Zoe quickly realized she’d managed to get stuck in the red and yellow car — which made for a hilarious rescue attempt caught on camera.

No matter which way she moved and maneuvered, Zoe just couldn’t free herself from the wrath of Little Tikes. Her nephew couldn’t help but laugh as he filmed her tireless struggle to break free from the plastic car.

When all was said and done, it took one whole hour for Zoe to make her escape!

Her dad Kevin spent 15 minutes slicing through the back of the car and removing its pieces with a bread knife.

Watch the hilarious incident in the clip below.

Video credit: SWNS

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