Woman Gets Dumped By Her Fiancé, So She Moves Into A Van And Turns It Into Her Dream Home

by Amy Paige
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Danu Stratton-Kent was engaged to a man she met in her late 30s. After enduring the loss of two pregnancies, the couple’s relationship began to suffer.

“I felt like I had so many other dreams still to fulfill,” she told Caters, “having spent several years after graduating with chronic ME and not being able to pursue my interests. We spoke about buying a van to travel in at weekends and holidays, but the dream was mine not his.”

Still, Danu was blindsided when her fiancé left her before their wedding day. She fell into a downward spiral of depression and anxiety.

But as her 40s grew near, Danu realized she was determined to rebuild her life.

Only this time, she vowed to never again compromise her values.

She decided to focus on three main elements she felt most strongly about achieving: freedom, adventure, and minimalism.

Except for the bare necessities, Danu got rid of everything she owned and rented out her apartment — so that she could move into her car and travel freely. She removed the car seats, insulated the interior with bubble wrap, and built a bed out of plywood.

Just before she turned 40, Danu upgraded to her very first “live-in” vehicle, a renovated minivan that allowed her to finally achieve her dream.

And wait until you see how she lives today.

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