5-Month-Old Gets Adopted From South Korea And 42 Years Later DNA Test Tells Her She Has A Sister

by Angela Andaloro

When Janine Dzyubanny decided to try 23andMe, a DNA testing company that provides information on your ancestry, it was because she wanted to know about her background and had no other way of finding out. She was adopted from South Korea at 5 months old and grew up in New Jersey. She never thought that she might connect with a relative through using the service, let alone discover she had a sibling.

While on vacation, Janine learned from 23andMe that she had a close DNA match with a stranger. She and the stranger shared 47.9% DNA, about average for siblings. She was amazed and admittedly cautious when she reached out to Jen Frantz to say something about it. “I didn’t know what to say,” Janine explained. “I didn’t want to scare her away. This was 42 years into my life and I find out I have a sister. It’s kind of startling to people.”

Jen Frantz had tried 23andMe for the same reason as Janine. Jen was adopted from South Korea at a year old. She was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, and had four older brothers. She was also on vacation when she received Janine’s message. She explained, “It was something like: ‘I just got my results back. I think you and I might be sisters.’ I definitely remember she had ‘OMG’ in there.”

From there, the women learned they had a number of things in common. Both are preschool teachers, both played softball when they were younger, and they even lived just 30 minutes away from each other. They met each other for the first time and clicked instantly. Now the two are making up for lost time and spending plenty of time together. Watch the video below to see the two meet for the first time and begin forming a bond they never knew they were missing.

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