3 Young Girls Are Found In Abandoned Home, Then Woman Realizes They’re Her Grandchildren

by Rebekka Spiller
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It was a call that Dlores Anderson never anticipated getting: police found three young girls in an abandoned Chicago home, and they were her grandchildren. Anderson hadn’t seen them in ages due to their dad’s constant lies regarding their location.

The girls (aged 7, 2, and 1) were discovered in the ruins of an empty house, cold, hungry and terrified. They had been living in the filthy conditions without running water, heat or electricity.

The children hadn’t been bathed in months and their unkempt hair was matted, sores covering their heads. In addition to poor hygiene and malnutrition, the children lacked any form of formal education — the oldest one had never even stepped foot inside a classroom.

The children’s lives have now taken a turn for the better after being reunited with their grandmother, who vows to treasure them the way every child deserves to be.

“They’re my heart now,” Anderson gushes in an interview with ABC7, “and I’m going to show them that they can be loved and they can be taken care of like children are supposed to.”

But that’s not all. After the police ensured the girls were safely in the hands of their grandmother, they learned that she had lost both her jobs and was struggling to support the kids. So, they stopped by the home to surprise the girls with their first birthday party, bringing loads of presents like diapers and beds to help make their lives a little easier.

The oldest girl is now attending school for the first time, leading the way for her siblings toward a brighter future. If you found this remarkable story touching, please SHARE it with your friends.

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