Woman Goes Out To Grab Morning Paper And Stumbles Across Giant Avocado The Size Of Her Head

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is the Editor of Original Content. She lives in Queens, NY.

Pamela Wang, who lives in Hawaii, went out the morning of December 3, 2017, to get her newspaper. Normally, the walk is uneventful, but this time was a little different.

As she was walking, Pamela stumbled upon the biggest avocado she’d ever seen in her life.

Now, Pamela has seen a lot of avocados in her time — they litter the ground under the trees in certain areas of Hawaii.

As soon as Pamela came across the giant avocado, she knew it was something special. She brought it to a local farmer’s market to show it off, and people told her that it might be the largest avocado ever.

And her friends might be right. The 5.23-pound avocado dwarfs the Guinness World Record’s previous heaviest avocado, which was almost a pound lighter.

Now, Pamela is awaiting verification from Guinness that her giant avocado is actually the biggest in the world.

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avocado tree

In Hawaii, avocados grow on trees and often fall to the ground like apples.

Pamela Wang sees a lot of avocados when she goes to get her newspaper, but one just blew her away.

avocado bowl

While Pamela was walking outside recently, she found an avocado unlike any she’d seen before.

The avocado’s unique feature? It was the size of her head.

holy guacamole

Pamela was so amazed by the avocado she found that she brought it to a nearby farmer’s market to show her friends.

Some of the produce purveyors told her that the giant avocado was really special.

tree avocado

After doing some quick research, Pamela and her friends realized that it might actually be the biggest avocado ever.

Pamela contacted Guinness World Records to see if she has a record holder.

hawaii avocado

The avocado Pamela found wasn’t a Hass (the type most people are familiar with), but a “Daily 11,” which is known to be about three times bigger than normal avocados.

avocado comments

Everyone who has seen pictures of the avocado online have been astounded.

One woman wrote, “Wow, my husband would love this with his dinner.”

enormous avocado

Another person commented, “That would make a lot of avo toast.”

A third person said, “I always look for this size at the grocery store.”

big avocado

Just think of all the guacamole you could make from an avocado this large!

And because Pamela found the avocado on the ground, she never even had to pay for it (and we just know it would be super expensive).

brendan avocado

Now, Pamela is waiting to hear back from Guinness to find out if her avocado is a record holder!

What would you do if you found an avocado this large?

avocado guacamole

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