Couple Adopting Baby Rushes To ER For Birth Mom’s Labor To See The Whole Pregnancy Was Fake

by Amy Paige
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After struggling to get pregnant again for many years, Laura and Matt Trayte desperately wanted to adopt a sibling for their young son.

The couple from Orange County, California, saw their dream coming true when they met a 34-year-old woman named Elizabeth Jones online. Elizabeth was five months pregnant and looking for a couple to adopt her unborn baby girl.

Laura and Elizabeth began speaking every day. The couple took her out to dinner, bought her gifts, and paid for a professional photo shoot to announce their pending bundle of joy.

During this time, Laura and Matt were also given power of attorney to make medical decisions after the baby’s birth.

They even decided to name their soon-to-be daughter Noella.

On November 28, 2018, Elizabeth started texting Laura in a panic. She was bleeding everywhere. Though her due date hadn’t arrived, she told the Traytes she couldn’t wait anymore and had to start pushing.

The couple got Elizabeth on the phone and could heard her screaming in pain. Laura walked her through some breathing exercises before the ambulance arrived.

Laura and Matt flew to Tennessee and rushed to the hospital with their son — who was wearing a “Best Big Bro” T-shirt in preparation for meeting his new little sister.

When the Traytes got to the hospital, they eagerly followed the nurse to the only “Elizabeth Jones” who had been checked in.

Laura and Matt saw a cool, calm, and collected Elizabeth sitting on the bed, fully dressed and acting as if they were total strangers …

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