Cruel Strangers Mock Woman’s Excessive Body Hair So She Shows Up To Pool Wearing A Bikini

by Amy Paige
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Leah Jorgensen, 33, is a behavioral health technician from Madison, Wisconsin. When she was 14 years old, she was branded a “man” and “freak” by bullies because of her excessive body hair.

As the years passed, Leah coped with the constant teasing by wearing full sleeves, high necks, and long pants — no matter the weather outside. Even in the heat and humidity.

In her 20s, Leah would spend hours shaving and waxing the thick, dark hair that appeared on her face, chest, arms, back, and stomach.

She was so ashamed of her hair that she had a difficult time getting close to people. For years, she avoided doctors and going in public, and she didn’t have her first kiss until she was 27.

But there is a medical reason for Leah’s condition. She has an extreme case of polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal disorder which can cause abnormal hair growth in women.

In December 2015, Leah was crossing the road when she was hit by a car. The ambulance arrived and rushed her to the hospital.

Little did Leah know, the accident would change the course of her life in a positive and inspiring way…

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